Picture It Studios, Inc.

Picture It Studios, Inc.
I utilized the SBDC counseling services, training events, and business development strategies. These resources have helped me to stay focused on my sales strategy, my tactics, as well as the market based prices.

I chose to buy this business because I have had previous success in various aspects of photography and believed that I could provide the management, guidance, direction, and marketing savvy to re-invigorate Picture It Studios.

The challenges I encountered while starting up was resistance to change demonstrated by existing employees, choosing new employees, calibrating/adjusting printers to produce uniform results, developing a new "package-based" pricing plan to appeal to a more upscale client, modifying the new "packaged based" pricing plan in order to retain the existing customer base, expanding information known about the existing customer base, cross marketing to 2000 customers from a separate, but wholly owned, "Event Photography" company serving Santa Claus and Easter Bunny Photo customers. I overcame the challenges faced by remaining focused on solving and overcoming the identified challenges.

My previous experience as a manager of a very high growth company when I was young greatly contributed to my success. I had to creatively overcome obstacles (people and equipment) which were preventing the company from properly handling a large rush of new business. More recently (2011), I opened and operated a new "Event Photography" providing Mall based Santa Claus photos and immediate prints to 1,800 families of young children during a 6 week period.

The thing that differentiates my business from my competitors is that we provide creative photography 'in-studio' or 'on-location' by degreed professionals, with same-day delivery, at an affordable price.
We have created 4 jobs and have increased our sales by $12,000 annually.

The company goals for the future are to become a dominant source for upscale portraits in the region, move into elementary and middle school photography and expand to other areas of the metro area.
I hope to impact the community with my business by becoming a trusted source for upscale in-studio and on-location photography.