Creating Your Call to Action 101

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Nowadays with everything online and focused on social media we need to remember that it is still important to go back to your basics of fundamental marketing. Remember when you would create a regular advertisement? Well, the focus of the advertisement was to get someone to do something. It is the same thing with the electronic versions. Only easier! Today I was skimming through articles online and found a new feature that Facebook is launching. It’s a Call To Action, or CTA, button that you can add on your homepage. How awesome is that? This means that now people won’t have to go through your profile down to your apps box to sign up for your email, or to go to your website, or whatever you have been trying to get them to do. Check out all the details for this new feature on the Facebook Business page.
Facebook Business Page Call To Action Button

The other thing that I wanted to share today was something I read from HubSpot Blogs. It was about the “11 Essential Elements of an Effective Call-to-Action”. To read the full article check it out here: The Complete Checklist for Creating Compelling Calls-to-Action
To sum it up here are the 11 elements for the perfect call to action.
1. Using Easy Language: This means don’t use your industry jargon, make sure you use language that anyone can understand. 5th grade level is great!
2. Always Keep Your Promises: If you say you are going to give them an E-Book, give them the E-Book. Make sure that whatever you promised in your CTA is followed through.
3. Give Up The Goods: If you want people to click on your CTA then you need to identify a clear value proposition that is going to appeal to that target.
4. Today and Today Only: Make it time sensitive, this makes it more appealing like it is a special offer.
5. Make it Big: Make that button big, make it really stand out with your other materials.
6. Make it Pretty: Keep it within your marketing strategy. If you have round shapes with neutral colors don’t go making a pointed neon icon for your CTA, it will throw off your target segment.
7. Make it Clickable or Fake It: Hyperlink the image or make it clickable, remember everyone on the internet is lazy. The easier you can make it the better and more likely they will use it.
8. Add alt. Text: This is not only great for SEO, but if your target market doesn't have great internet connection it will make it easier for them to see what it is.
9. Show it Off: Put it on your website and make it easy to find, perhaps even “above the fold”
10. Test Multiples: If you are trying one CTA try another and track the changes to determine what gets you better results.
11. Target to Each Target Market Segment: If you serve both business to business and business to customer you will need to market to them differently. Identify CTAs to each segment. One size doesn't fit all.